­­ A Four Star Parent Aware Rated Program

Small Friends Learning and Childcare is a Quality Early Childhood Program and Childcare located in Maple Grove.  We  offer enriching educational experiences.  Our learning experiences focus on colaberation, creativity, and community.  Serving children ages 18 months and older.

A Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum.... 
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Creative Art and Music

Children’s development related to creative expression in the arts begins in their very first days. They interact with their family members in loving care that may include the soothing sounds of lullabies and the rhythmic movements of being rocked and patted. As their visual capabilities develop, they see the colors and shapes in their home environment and in nature. As their mobility increases, they move their bodies and experiment with what their muscles can do to get places and to express themselves. And, as children are able to make use of various tools, they make marks on paper, engage their senses with finger paint and modeling dough, and explore and create with various toys and objects. Daily music and art experiences  surround our young children and expose them to the creativity of others. The arts for the young child are an integral part of living in the world and figuring out one’s own capabilities for self-expression.

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Social Interactions

Children are surrounded and deeply influenced by the values of their family and first caregivers. From the very beginning of their lives, children are learning about themselves and how to relate to others. Their family members also live and work in a neighborhood, a broader community, and a national society. As children establish their identity, the choices they make and how they function in society are shaped. As they learn to share and take turns and care for each other and the environment, they participate in the foundational concepts of a democratic society.  

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Children’s language development (whether in English or their home language) is fundamental to their overall development. It is essential for learning, communicating, building relationships, and figuring out how the world works. Children’s experiences with oral language, both as a listener and as a speaker, are highly correlated with their development of literacy skills related to reading and writing.  Daily literacy activ

Math and Science

Throughout each day at Small Friends Learning, , children encounter mathematical concepts and engage in mathematical investigation and problem-solving frequently.  Toddlers want more crackers or more cookies, building their understanding of quantities. Preschoolers sing counting songs, memorize the number names, and begin to connect the number with the amount as they build with blocks or play with manipulatives. Their understanding of volume and measurement grows as they play with water in a tub or pour milk into a cup at the snack table. For all young children, spatial awareness develops as they become mobile and move through space. Geometric shapes and patterns abound in fabrics, toys, street signs, and books. Young children are surrounded by the potential for learning mathematical concepts.

Children’s development of scientific thinking and inquiry begins in the very first months of life and continues to grow and expand as they interact with others and with the world around them. Preschoolers notice differences and similarities in both the natural and physical world. They try to figure out how something works. And they begin to make predictions and give explanations.