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Sensory Recipes

  The Benefits of Sensory Play

 Understanding the importance of sensory play can help you open doors for your child’s development, cognition, and behavior.Sensory play may be a popular phrase at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that it is just a passing phase.Sensory play can have many benefits including:Encouraging problem-solvingIncreasing brain developmentProviding sensory inputBetter retention of informationLanguage developmentRegulation of emotions and behaviorImproving fine motor skillsSparking interest in learningMost importantly, it’s FUN! 


 This recipe is amazingly easy, and it’s the perfect chemistry and science demonstration the kids love. We stumbled upon a fun little fact to get our slime to look as clear as glass. 

 1 cup Elmer’s Washable Clear Glue 

1 cup water to mix with glue and 

1 cup of warm water to mix with borax powder 

1/4 tsp Borax Powder {laundry aisle} 

 First Measure out 1 cup of clear glue into a bowl

 Next Add 1 cup of water to the glue and stir to combine.

 Measure out 1/2 teaspoon of borax powder and 1 cup of hot water 

Add the borax powder to the water and stir well to combine. This is your slime activator. You are making a saturated solution and you will see a few particles still floating around and settling to the bottom. Spend a minute stirring to make sure the powder is well incorporated. 

 Add the borax slime activator solution {borax powder and water} to the glue/water mixture. Start stirring! Your slime will begin to form instantly. Keep stirring until your slime has formed and remove immediately to a dry container.With our new ratio of borax powder to water, you should not have any leftover liquid in the bowl. If you do keep stirring. With higher ratios of borax to water, you may have left over liquid.Continue to knead slime with your hands for several minutes to improve the consistency of the slime.Store you slime recipes in a container with a good seal Slime can last for several weeks to several months if stored well! We use simple reusable plastic containers or deli style containers.


 Kids love fluffy slime because it’s so fun to squish and stretch but also light and airy as a cloud! Learn how to make fluffy slime with saline solution so quickly you won’t believe it! This is such a simple fluffy slime recipe for making slime it doesn’t take a whole lot of ingredients to make all of this slime if you can believe it! The slime whips up in just a few minutes!Fluffy slime is pretty inexpensive to make if you want to do something extra special for your next slime, sensory, or science activity. White Washable School GlueFoaming Shaving CreamBaking SodaFood ColoringSaline Solution ( contains both sodium borate and boric acid as ingredients)Bowl, Spoon, Measuring Cups and Spoons 


This homemade slime recipe is my #1 SLIME RECIPE out of all my slime recipes. It’s stretchy, and it’s slimy. You can use it to make a ton of themes for holidays and seasons or use it as a base for more unique slime.This homemade saline recipe is quick and simple, and it’s likely you already have the ingredients especially if you wear contacts. Saline solution is what is commonly used to rinse your contacts. aline Solution (this must contain the ingredients labeled sodium borate and boric acid)Elmer’s Clear or White Washable PVA School GlueWaterFood Coloring and/or Glitter and ConfettiBowl, SpoonMeasuring Cups and Measuring SpoonsStorage Container (for storing slime) 

 STEP 1: Mix 1/2 cup of PVA washable school glue and 1/2 cup of water in a bowl.

 STEP 2: Mix in 1/2 tsp baking soda. NOTE: We have been playing around with this amount! Baking soda is a thickener. For an even oozier slime try 1/4 tsp and for a thicker/putty like slime add a 1 tsp to see what happens. Makes a fun science experiment! 

STEP 3: Mix in food coloring and glitter. 

STEP 4: Mix in 1 TBL of saline solution. 

STEP 5: Whip up the mixture until you can no longer stir it and it has formed a slimy blob. 

STEP 6: Knead until smooth and stickiness has disappeared.TIP: Add a few drops of saline solution to your hands before picking up slime and kneading 


 kids love slime! This homemade liquid starch slime will having you playing with slime in no time. I love how quick, easy, and instant this slime recipe is to make. It has an amazing consistency, and is ready in less then 5 minutes.

 1/2 Cup of Elmer’s Washable PVA Clear Glue or White Glue 1/4 Cup of Liquid Starch 

STEP 1: In a bowl ADD 1/2 cup of glue 

 STEP 2: Now’s the time to add color, glitter, or confetti! Remember when you add color to white glue, the color will be lighter. Use clear glue for jewel toned colors!You can never add too much glitter! Mix the glitter and color into the glue and water mixture. 

 STEP 3: Pour in 1/4 cup of liquid starch. You will see the slime immediately start to form. Keep stirring until you have a gooey blob of slime. The liquid should be gone! 

 STEP 4: Start kneading your slime! It will appear stringy at first but just work it around with your hands and you will notice the consistency changes. You can also put it in a clean container and set it aside for 3 minutes, and you will also notice the change in consistency!

 STEP 5: Enjoy your slime!Food coloring, confetti, glitter, and other fun mix-ins 


 Amazingly smooth butter slime will be a big hit!

 1/2 cup of Elmer’s White Glue per slime batch 

1/2 tsp baking soda per slime batch 

Food coloring 

2 oz of soft modeling clay 

1 tbsp of saline solution 

Combine water, glue, and food coloring in a large bowl and mix well! Next add baking soda. ,Add in your slime activator (baking soda and saline solution) to complete the chemical reaction What does the baking soda do? It adds the firmness the mixture needs so you can pick it up. This ingredient is a great variable to tinker with for a science experiment!I always recommend kneading your slime well after mixing. Kneading the slime really helps to improve it’s consistency. The trick with saline solution slime is to squirt a few drops of solution onto your hands before picking up the slime.You can knead the slime in the bowl before you pick it up as well. This slime is stretchy but can be stickier. However, keep in mind that although adding more saline solution reduces the stickiness, and it will eventually create a stiffer slime.