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Creating a marble run


Do you you save cardboard tubes from paper towels, toilet paper, and whatever else comes on a cardboard roll? I do! I have quite a collection saved just for the purpose of making a cool cardboard tube marble run on our wall. What a great rainy day or anytime kind of activity. 

Simple to set up, easy to do, and full of learning possibilities! Next time you find yourself holding an empty cardboard tube roll heading to the trash, save it instead! Our cardboard tube marble run is reusable fun! I love finding creative and inexpensive ways to make fun activities that encourage playful learning. To set up for our cardboard tube marble run, I chose a blank wall. You can also use the refrigerator or door! I set out a box of tubes and painters tape. I love using painters tape for activities since it doesn’t stick to the wall. The tissue boxes were used to collect the marbles at the end of the marble run.

 Children are learning about angles, gravity, slopes, engineering and problem solving.  They are  creating, testing, problem solving, creating and testing again. A young child may enjoy dropping pom poms down a single tube. You might think they are just playing, but even the youngest child is learning about how the world works.