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Block Center

 This year, my preschool students were SO into block play! Every year I have children who adore playing in our building center, but this year’s kiddos went above and beyond. 

 Every single child in this year’s class spent so much time planning, creating, building, and learning with block play. I believe how I set up and organize the block center has something to do with their amazing interest. More importantly, I think adding different materials allowed them to move past basic structures. I did, of course, include basic unit blocks as the foundation to the building center. Below, I’d like to share some of the other items I included and how the children used them to extend their block play.

CylindersI’ve always had some cylindrical blocks in my classroom building centers. This year, though, I went out of my way to add more. The children used them to make taller, more stable structures. They also acted as columns when recreating structures from around the world. Gross motor skills, spatial awareness and thinking, creative thinking, math and science skills are just some of what the children are learning with the inclusion of cylinders.

People and animalsThe kiddos loved having wooden people and small plastic animals available every day. It gave the children the chance to bring more pretend play into their block play. This allowed for an amazing amount of creative thinking and language development throughout the year! 

Toilet tubes, Smooth Rocks and sticks,  jewels, and so many every day materials added to the block center have added so much interest and imaginative creativitiy to our block area.  My preschool kiddos have really enjoyed having all of these materials in our block center. Their creations became more and more intricate over time, too. All of the children have been incredibly proud of their structures, asking me to take pictures before disassembling them.